Roof Cleaning and Roof Moss Removal

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Roof Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning

Algae and Lichen Removal from Roofs

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We are a local roof cleaning and moss removal cleaning firm.

We have full knowledge of the type of roof cleaning that needs to be done to bring your roof up to scratch, no matter the type of roof.

CCS Commercial Cleaning operatives are trained to the highest industry standards, and we use only the most up-to-date cleaning equipment. We also carry £10 million in public liability insurance for your total peace of mind.

Our roof cleaning service comes with a simple guarantee. If you are not happy with any of our roof cleaning work, we stay on the job until you are satisfied.

Roof Moss and Algae Removal and Clearance

Protect and rejuvenate your roof with roof cleaning from CCS Commercial Cleaning

The roof cleaning results you can expect from CCS Commercial Cleaning are second to none. Not only do we clean your roof, often making it look like new, we also protect your roof from the damage that can be caused by the build up of moss and algae.

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Roof cleaning

slate roofs can be transformed by professional roof cleaning

Most people decide to undergo roof cleaning on their property just because weather stains and accumulation of moss on the roof make the house look unsightly. This is a good reason to have the roof cleaned, because a house with a bad appearance stops enjoyment of the property.

But there is a much more important reason for professional roof cleaning, and that is to protect the structure of your property. When a roof has a large accumulation of moss, rainwater can seep beneath the roof tiles or slates and begin to damage the roof joists.

This can lead to expensive roof repairs. On top of this, moss and algae can damage the roof tiles and make them porous, sometimes leading to the need for a roof replacement.

Keep your roof in good condition with a regular roof clean

A regular roof clean which makes sure you have complete moss removal, along with eradication of lichen and algae, will ensure your roof continues to protect your property.

A roof moss clean makes sure your tiles and slates are in the best condition, which keeps out moisture and protects your home from the effects of wind and rain.

A regular roof clean is not expensive, but it can save you many thousands of pounds over the long run when compared to a major roof repair or even a total roof replacement.

What CCS Commercial Cleaning can offer for roof cleaning

concrete roof clean using roof steam cleaning
  • Several methods of roof cleaning available, including Softwashing and low-pressure steam cleaning
  • Steam cleaning for a totally eco-friendly roof cleaning approach
  • No damage to roof tiles or slates
  • A complete transformation of the appearance of your roof, leaving it looking like new
  • Top-of-the-range roof cleaning equipment to ensure a thorough roof clean, along with specialist access equipment to ensure we can reach every part of your roof
  • £10 million in public liability insurance
  • Fully trained in Health & Safety to ensure your property is protected
  • All employees given a CRB (criminal records) check for your peace of mind

Roof Steam Cleaning

Our steam cleaning method leverages the power of pure water, underscoring our dedication to green cleaning solutions. This approach guarantees a spotless roof without the problems of chemical residues.

The intense heat of steam sweeps away persistent stains to create a comprehensive clean. This process can rejuvenate your roof, making it appear virtually new.

The absence of chemicals means your garden and nearby greenery are safe from harm. The only runoff is water, safeguarding your outdoor space and contributing to the well-being of the broader ecosystem.

For those concerned about preserving nature, steam cleaning is the optimal choice.

Perfect for Slate Roofs

Steam cleaning’s soft touch is particularly suited for slate roofs, effectively removing moss and signs of weathering without causing harm. This method ensures your slate roof remains in good shape, free from damage.

Roof Softwash cleaning

Softwash employs a special chemical blend that effortlessly penetrates and dissolves stains, allowing the roof’s original hue to shine through. The Softwash method effectively eradicates all signs of mould, lichen, moss, and discoloration, restoring your roof’s pristine appearance. 

Custom Softwash solutions

We customise each Softwash solution to match the specific material of your roof tiles, ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency without compromising tile integrity. This targeted chemical treatment lifts stains to unveil the roof’s inherent beauty.

Roof Bactericide Treatment

To prolong the effects of our Softwash service, we offer an advanced roof bactericide treatment. This powerful bactericide targets and eliminates moss and algae spores, preventing their return and maintaining your roof’s cleanliness.

Thanks to our extensive array of cleaning strategies, we can provide tailored care to every roof, addressing any specific needs or issues with precision and expertise.

Types of roofs we clean

a slate roof can look like new with the proper roof cleaning techniques

CCS Commercial Cleaning has wide experience of dealing with all types of roof cleaning and maintenance.

Slate roof maintenance

For slate roofs, steam cleaning is the premier method, especially given the vulnerability of natural slate to harsh cleaning techniques. The gentle essence of steam cleaning is perfectly matched to safeguard slate roofs.

Roof steam cleaning gently dislodges dirt and moss without harsh chemicals or the dangers associated with high-pressure washing, maintaining the slate’s condition and aesthetic appeal.

Tiled roof cleaning

Our approach to cleaning tiled roofs often involves manually removing moss clumps before proceeding to a thorough steam clean at low pressure. This method uses gentle steam to eliminate any lingering moss or weather-related discolorations on the tiles.

In specific cases, we also apply Softwashing techniques to thoroughly clean the roof tiles. This uses a low-pressure chemical spray to clean the stains and also kills the bacteria which causes the growth of moss and algae.

Caring for Concrete Roofs

Concrete roofs are porous, and so can harbour dirt, leading to discoloration and the growth of moss and algae. Steam cleaning stands out as the most efficient way to clean a concrete roof, revealing its original hue by removing surface stains.

Our knowledge of the different kinds of roof cleaning enables us to provide bespoke roof cleaning services. Regardless of your roof’s material, our crew is prepared with the skills, tools, and insight to give your roof a comprehensive clean, guaranteeing its optimal appearance and functionality.

Stopping moss growth on your roof

Regardless of the roof type, you have the option to treat it with a bactericidal solution post-cleaning. This treatment eradicates spores, preventing the recurrence of moss and algae and significantly extending the duration of the cleaning’s effectiveness.

Our service areas for roof cleaning throughout Plymouth and Devon

Our roof cleaning services span across Plymouth and Devon, focusing on preserving the architectural integrity of properties against the unique environmental challenges of each area.

Plymouth: Specializing in roof cleaning in Plymouth, we tackle the saline and urban pollutants affecting Plymouth’s roofs, with services extending to the Hoe, Mutley Plain, and Mannamead.

Dartmouth: In Dartmouth, our eco-friendly roof cleaning safeguards the maritime charm of properties in areas like Kingswear, the Naval College, and along the Dart River, ensuring they remain undamaged by the town’s salty air.

Exeter: Our roof cleaning expertise in Exeter addresses the specific challenges of moisture and weathering on properties, from the Cathedral Close to St. David’s and the Quayside, keeping the city’s blend of ancient and contemporary facades pristine.

Exmouth: We use our modern roof cleaning techniques to deal with Exmouth’s coastal conditions. We remove salt and sea spray residues from roofs along the seafront, Littleham, and Brixington, preserving the town’s vibrant appeal.

Paignton: Targeting roofs affected by a mix of urban pollution and sea-born dirt, our roof cleaning services in Paignton cover areas from Goodrington to Preston and Torbay Road, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere.

Saltash: Addressing the impact of the River Tamar’s humidity and the town’s industrial past, we focus on cleaning roofs throughout Saltash, including Waterside, St. Stephens, and Pillmere.

Teignmouth: In Teignmouth, we combat algae and salt build up on roofs, with our roof cleaning services reaching from the River Beach to Shaldon and Back Beach, helping to preserve the town’s picturesque setting.

Torquay: Ensuring Torquay’s buildings, from the iconic harbourside to the tourist-frequented Torre and Babbacombe, remain impeccable, we enhance the town’s tourist appeal with our comprehensive roof cleaning techniques.

Totnes: Totnes’s diverse architecture, from the historic High Street to Bridgetown and the Leechwell area, benefits from our efficient roof cleaning techniques, maintaining its unique community charm.

Our roof cleaning services across Devon ensure that every property—from residential homes to commercial buildings—maintains its beauty and is shielded against local environmental factors. Trust us to keep your property’s roof in optimal condition, safeguarding its integrity and appeal.

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CCS Commercial Cleaning has over ten years experience of roof cleaning. With our adherence to high-quality standards, we can guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your roof clean and moss removal.

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