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Gentle External Cleaning

Dirt, Moss and Weather Stains Removed From Roofs and Render

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Softwashing is a highly effective cleaning technique for roofs and render. CCS Commercial Cleaning is a fully trained Plymouth Softwash cleaning company with an excellent reputation for getting first class results.

Softwashing uses a gentle spray which removes all traces of dirt and weather stains both on roofs and render. In many cases, the surface can look like new.

After the Softwash application, the stains will gradually disappear over a few weeks to leave the roof or render spotless.

Softwash cleaning for roofs

Our roof Softwashing process is thorough and tailored to address the specific needs of your roof. Firstly, we carry out a full assessment.

Our trained technicians conduct a detailed examination of your roof to identify the type and extent of contamination (like moss or algae), and to evaluate the condition of roofing materials.

Custom Softwash solution

Based on the initial assessment, we mix a Softwash solution specifically formulated to clean your roof type effectively while protecting it from any potential damage. This effectively removes contaminants without harming your roof surface.

Our equipment gently sprays the Softwash solution onto your roof. This low-pressure method ensures that there is no damage to roofing materials. We ensure that the solution covers all areas of the roof, focusing on problem spots with more significant growth or staining.

Softwash cleaning for render

To clean render using Softwash, we use a similar process to roof cleaning.

Softwashing can be used to clean most types of render, including K Rend, Weber, and Monocouche. After inspecting your render, we will decide on the best approach to get rid of the grime and weather stains.

if we believe Softwashing is not suitable, we can provide an alternative render cleaning service by using our steam cleaning system.

As with roof cleaning, we will mix a specific Softwash solution depending on the type of render on your property. This ensures the best possible clean and great results.

Post-cleaning bactericide

After roof cleaning with Softwash, we can apply a bactericide. This gets rid of the spores for moss and algae, and stops regrowth, making sure your roof stays clean for longer.

We are a local Plymouth external cleaning firm which uses the most up-to-date steam cleaning equipment and techniques for cleaning all types of external surfaces, including slate roofs, render (including K Rend and Weber), brick and stone. Our steam cleaning system can also be used for patio and driveway cleaning

Our Softwashing service areas

We carry out Softwashing on roofs and render in Plymouth and throughput Devon and parts of Cornwall. These include:

  • Plymouth
  • Dartmouth
  • Exeter
  • Exmouth
  • Paignton
  • Saltash
  • Teignmouth
  • Torquay
  • Totnes

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CCS Commercial Cleaning has over ten years experience of external cleaning. With our adherence to high-quality standards, we can guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your external cleaning project.

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