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Removing Weather Stains from Brick

Moss Removal from Brick

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We are a local brick cleaning firm.

We have wide experience of brick cleaning and how to fully rejuvenate your brick walls, no matter how grimy they are.

CCS Commercial Cleaning operatives are trained to the highest industry standards, and we use only the most up-to-date cleaning equipment. We also carry £10 million in public liability insurance for your total peace of mind.

Our brick cleaning service comes with a simple guarantee. If you are not happy with the brick cleaning job, we redo it until you are satisfied.

Brick Grime and Moss Removal

Brick Steam Cleaning — The Eco-Friendly Approach to Brick Cleaning

Rejuvenate your brickwork with brick cleaning from CCS Commercial Cleaning

When you choose CCS Commercial Cleaning to clean your brickwork, you can expect first class results. In many cases, the brickwork can look like new, with every trace of weather stains and algae removed. Our cleaning process uncovers the natural colour of the brick, and transforms the exterior appearance of your home or business premises.

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Brick cleaning

brick after being cleaned with steam cleaning system

When the brickwork on your property becomes dulled by weather stains, it doesn’t only make the building look unattractive. Usually weather stains go along with moss growth, which can sometimes begin to damage the mortar. This can lead to the need for expensive repairs down the line.

What CCS Commercial Cleaning can provide for brick cleaning excellence

  • Steam cleaning for a totally eco-friendly roof cleaning approach. This uses nothing but the power of superheated steam, and the resulting water simply passes into the ground
  • Steam cleaning is low pressure, which means it cleans effectively but does not damage the brick surface or the mortar
  • A complete transformation of the appearance of your brick walls, leaving it looking like new
  • State-of-the-art equipment which provides a total brick clean
  • Specialist access equipment to ensure we can reach every part of the walls of your property
  • £10 million in public liability insurance
  • Fully trained in Health & Safety to ensure your property is protected
  • All employees given a CRB (criminal records) check for your peace of mind

Types of buildings we clean

steam cleaning can clear away grime and moss from brick

CCS Commercial Cleaning has wide experience of dealing with all types of brick cleaning and maintenance. This includes everything from small domestic properties, large detached residences, and large commercial properties. We can also clean brickwork on apartment blocks.

The areas we cover in Plymouth and throughout Devon.

We carry out brick cleaning in Plymouth, Paignton, Dartmouth, Exeter, Torquay, and throughout the county of Devon.

Plymouth Brick Cleaning

In Plymouth, our brick cleaning solutions cater to the dynamic blend of environments, from the energetic city centre to the tranquil waterfront locales of the Barbican and Sutton Harbour. We understand the specific challenges posed by the city’s rich architectural tapestry, offering customised solutions for both residential and commercial structures.

Saltash Brick Cleaning

Saltash, renowned for its breathtaking views of the Tamar River, requires a nuanced approach to preserve its splendor. Our team leverages advanced brick cleaning technologies to ensure that every property, whether it’s a waterside residence or a commercial establishment along Fore Street, receives the highest quality care.

Exeter Brick Cleaning

Exeter’s historical landscape, including its majestic cathedral and ancient city walls, demands knowledgeable care to clean bricks without inflicting harm. Our brick cleaning services in Exeter are crafted to safeguard and enrich the city’s heritage, ensuring that buildings, both old and new, retain their allure and structural integrity.

Torquay Brick Cleaning

Torquay, the crown of the English Riviera, benefits from our specialized cleaning services designed to counteract the damaging effects of salty sea air on structures. From the Victorian villas adorning the hills to the contemporary shops and hotels, we guarantee that every brick building is meticulously cleaned and preserved.

Paignton Brick Cleaning

In Paignton, we aim to maintain the inviting charm of this family-oriented beach town. Our cleaning services reach into residential zones, holiday parks, and the lively seafront, ensuring that Paignton shines brightly for both locals and tourists.

Dartmouth Brick Cleaning

Dartmouth’s picturesque landscape and historical avenues necessitate a thoughtful approach to brick cleaning. Our techniques are carefully adjusted to honor the town’s history while effectively eliminating dirt and buildup, preserving Dartmouth’s enchanting appeal.

Totnes Brick Cleaning

Totnes, known for its eclectic spirit and active community, benefits from our eco-conscious brick cleaning practices. We ensure that the town’s distinctive shops, cafes, and historical landmarks are treated in a manner that reflects the community’s ecological principles.

Teignmouth Brick Cleaning

The coastal and riverside properties in Teignmouth confront distinct challenges due to their exposure to harsh elements. Our team possesses the expertise needed to tackle these issues, ensuring that both residential and commercial buildings in Teignmouth are freed from moss, algae, and pollutants.

Exmouth Brick Cleaning

In Exmouth, where the estuary of the River Exe meets the sea, our brick cleaning services play a crucial role in combating the degradation caused by the marine environment. We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions that protect and enhance the aesthetic of Exmouth’s buildings, from beachfront residences to enterprises along the Strand.

If your location is not listed, please reach out, and we’ll confirm our coverage in your area.

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