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Removing Weather Stains from Render

Algae Removal from Render

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We have a lot of experience of render cleaning and how to make your render look like new.

Applying render to the exterior of your building isn’t just about enhancing its visual appeal. Rendering significantly boosts the wall’s resilience, providing a water-resistant layer based on the specific type of render used. In turn, this fortifies the overall structure of the building.

This water-repellent feature safeguards your walls from moisture ingress, which in turn protects the whole building.

Rendering also makes your property look better, whether the building is for commercial, industrial, or residential use. Render comes in many colours, and even special decorative finishes to achieve a distinct look. 

Render mould growth

However, over time a damp climate can lead to the growth of mould on the render, which can lead to deterioration of the render itself. That’s why it is essential to have the render cleaned regularly to keep the property looking its best and to make sure the protective qualities of the render aren’t damaged.

This is where CCS Commercial Cleaning can help.

Render Weather Stain Removal and Render Cleaning

We have expert knowledge of the type of render cleaning that needs to be done to bring out the original colour, no matter the type.

CCS Commercial Cleaning staff are trained to the highest standards for render cleaning, and we use only the most advanced cleaning equipment. We also carry £10 million in public liability insurance for your total peace of mind.

Our render cleaning service comes with a simple guarantee. If you are not happy with the appearance of your render once we have finished, we will return and redo any areas you are not satisfied with. As part of our services, we offer:

Render Weather Stain Removal and Clearance

Softwash Render Cleaning — The Gentle Approach to Render Cleaning

Render Steam Cleaning — The Eco-Friendly Approach

Render cleaning

rendered house cleaned using softwash

Most decide to have render cleaning carried out on their property to improve the appearance by getting rid of weather stains and moss.

However, an even more crucial reason for professional render cleaning is that cleaning render helps to protect the walls of your property.

A large accumulation of moss and algae on the render surface can lead to cracks in the render, which can lead to water seeping through it, which then causes more damage. Eventually the render may need to be replaced.

Keep your render in good shape with regular render cleaning

A regular render clean which removes moss and algae will ensure the protective element of your render stays intact. Your render will continue to stop moisture entering the property and protect your home from the elements.

What CCS Commercial Cleaning can offer for render cleaning

To deliver top-notch render cleaning services we use the most effective techniques available. Our render cleaning services consist of two highly efficient methods: steam cleaning and the Softwash system.

We’ve selected each method for its distinct benefits, ensuring that every render surface we work on is cleaned with meticulous attention and care.

Render steam cleaning

Low pressure steam cleaning stands as a prime example of using natural ingredients for cleaning render. This method employs superheated steam to effortlessly remove dirt, moss, and algae, all without the need for abrasive chemicals.

Steam cleaning is eco-friendly. It leaves no chemical residues, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Since the steam penetrates the pores on the render, it ensures thorough removal of even the toughest stains.

On top of this, it is a completely safe method of cleaning for render. The gentle approach protects the render’s structure, avoiding any damage.

Softwash render cleaning

The Softwash system provides a customised cleaning solution tailored to meet the specific requirements of different render types.

The Softwash solution is mixed specially for each render type, therefore guaranteeing the best cleaning outcomes.
Softwashing is effective against stains on the render, while being gentle on the render, preserving its condition.

Our total approach to render cleaning

rendered garden wall cleaned of weather stains
  • Several methods of render cleaning available, including Softwashing and low-pressure steam cleaning
  • If you need an enviro-friendly render cleaning approach, steam cleaning is the best choice
  • We guarantee no damage to the structural integrity of the render
  • A complete rejuvenation of your render, revealing the original render colour and leaving it looking like new
  • £10 million in public liability insurance for your peace of mind
  • Fully trained in Health & Safety procedures
  • All employees given a CRB (criminal records) check to ensure it is safe to allow them access to your property

Types of renders we clean

There are many different types of renders on the market, and we have experience of cleaning them all, including specialised coloured renders and insulated render types. We deal effectively with render cleaning for:

  • Traditional render, a common type of render used on both traditional brick properties and modern properties. This render is a mix of sand and cement, and lime. Like other render types, it can suffer from weather stains and the growth of moss and algae, leading to it becoming discoloured. Our expertise means we can clean sand and cement render effectively to bring back the original surface.
  • K-Rend, which is a silicone-based render. This is highly water-repellent but still needs regular maintenance to keep it in the best condition. For this cleaning job, we use a unique cleaning solution to get rid of the stains without damaging the render surface.
  • Weber and Monocouche render, which we can clean using either Softwash or low-pressure steam cleaning.

The areas we cover in Plymouth and Devon. We carry out render cleaning in Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay, Paignton, Dartmouth and throughout Devon.

Plymouth render cleaning

In Plymouth, our render cleaning services cater to a variety of settings, from the bustling city centre to the serene waterfront areas of the Barbican and Sutton Harbour. We’re well-acquainted with the unique challenges that come with the city’s diverse architecture, offering tailored solutions for residential and commercial properties alike.

Saltash render cleaning

Saltash, with its stunning views of the Tamar River, demands a delicate touch to preserve its beauty. Our team employs the latest in render cleaning technology to ensure that every property, from waterside homes to businesses along Fore Street, has the best render cleaning available.

Exeter render cleaning

Exeter’s rich historical tapestry, including its cathedral and ancient city walls, requires expert knowledge to clean render without damage. Our render cleaning services in Exeter are designed to protect and enhance the city’s heritage, ensuring that buildings old and new maintain their charm and integrity.

Torquay render cleaning

Torquay, the jewel of the English Riviera, benefits from our specialised cleaning services that tackle the salty sea air’s effects on properties. From the Victorian villas lining the hillsides to the modern shops and hotels, we ensure every rendered building is cleaned and protected.

Paignton render cleaning

In Paignton, our focus is on preserving the welcoming atmosphere of this family-friendly beach town. Our cleaning services extend to residential areas, holiday parks, and the bustling seafront, ensuring that every corner of Paignton looks its best for residents and visitors alike.

Dartmouth render cleaning

Dartmouth’s picturesque setting and historic streets require a careful approach to render cleaning. Our methods are fine-tuned to respect the town’s heritage while effectively removing dirt and grime, keeping Dartmouth’s charm intact.

Totnes render cleaning

Known for its bohemian vibe and vibrant community, Totnes benefits from our environmentally-friendly render cleaning practices. We ensure the town’s unique shops, cafes, and historic sites are cleaned in a way that aligns with the community’s values.

Teignmouth render cleaning

Teignmouth’s coastal and riverfront properties face unique challenges due to their exposure to the elements. Our team is experienced in addressing these challenges, ensuring that both residential and commercial buildings in Teignmouth are cleaned of moss and algae.

Exmouth render cleaning

In Exmouth, where the River Exe meets the sea, our render cleaning services are vital for combating the wear and tear from the marine climate. We provide comprehensive render cleaning solutions that protect and enhance the beauty of Exmouth’s properties, from beachside homes to businesses along the Strand.

If your area is not specifically mentioned, get in touch and we will tell you if we cover your area.

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