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Removing Grime from Stone Walls

Moss Eradication from Masonry

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We are an independent stone cleaning firm that carries out expert stone cleaning Plymouth on a wide range of properties.

We have full knowledge of the type of stone cleaning that needs to be done to make your external stonework look great, no matter the type of stone.

CCS Commercial Cleaning operatives are trained to the highest industry standards, and we use only the most up-to-date cleaning equipment. We also carry £10 million in public liability insurance for your total peace of mind.

Our stone cleaning Plymouth service comes with a simple guarantee. If you are not happy with the look of your stone property when we have finished, we stay on the job until you are satisfied.

Moss and Algae Removal from Stone Buildings

Stone Maintenance and Protection

No Harsh Pressure Washing

Stone steam cleaning — the eco-friendly approach

Refurbish your stone building with stone cleaning from CCS Commercial Cleaning

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Plymouth stone cleaning

There are many different types of stone used in buildings within Plymouth, and in some cases this can demand a specialist stone cleaning approach. We take time to analyse the type of stone, and then make sure we use a cleaning process suitable for that stone. 

Doing this not only protects the stone during cleaning, but makes sure the cleaning is done to a high level and brings out the natural colour of the particular stone. Some of the most common types of stone include sandstone, granite, and limestone.

Steam cleaning for stone

We do not use jet washing for cleaning stone and masonry. Many Plymouth stone cleaning companies do use it, but it is the mark of an unprofessional company. This is because jet washing uses high pressure, which can damage the surface of the stone, and also damage the mortar.

This can lead to expensive repairs in the future.

That is why we use low pressure steam cleaning. Although steam cleaning is gentle, the very high temperature (150-degrees Celsius ) cleans all grime and moss from the stone’s surface.

And it does this without doing any damage to the stone or mortar. This is especially important for stone buildings which use lime mortar.

Steam cleaning does not use harsh chemicals, making it environmentally-friendly. Any dirty water just runs into the ground or the drainage system. This makes it a great choice for those who care about the environment.

What CCS Commercial Cleaning can offer for stone cleaning in Plymouth city

  • We use exclusively steam cleaning for a totally eco-friendly stone cleaning approach
  • You can be assured that we clean stone without damage to the stone or the mortar
  • Our stone cleaning approach completely rejuvenates the appearance of your stone property. It many cases, the stone will look like new
  • Our stone cleaning equipment is the best on the market. We also have a full range of access equipment to ensure we can reach every part of your wall
  • We carry  £10 million in public liability insurance
  • Fully trained in Health & Safety to ensure your property is protected
  • A CRB (criminal records) check has been carried out on all operatives for your complete peace of mind

Your local stone and masonry cleaning experts in Plymouth

At CCS Commercial Cleaning, we are proud to call Plymouth our home and the heart of our external cleaning operations for the city and the wider Devon area. Our presence in this vibrant city, combined with our extensive knowledge of the unique challenges faced by buildings here, sets us apart.

Plymouth is a diverse city, filled with a wide range of historic sites, including Royal William Yard, the University of Plymouth campus, the modern Marine Academy, and the historic Barbican with its cobbled streets and ancient buildings.

From the charming terraces of Stoke to the more modern developments in Plympton and Plymstock, each district has its own character and cleaning needs. Our knowledge of local materials and the effects of Devon’s weather means we tailor our approach to suit each area and type of property, ensuring optimal results without compromise to the environment or the structural integrity of the buildings.

We are a local Plymouth exterior cleaning company and are not affiliated with any large organisation. Our relationship with the local area means we have full knowledge of how to clean stone buildings in Plymouth.

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Building relationships across Plymouth and Devon

Our local expertise is shown in the relationships we’ve built with Plymouth homeowners and commercial property managers. With over ten years experience of external cleaning, we’ve become the chosen stone cleaning experts for many homeowners across the city.

In every corner of Plymouth, from Efford to West Hoe, our commitment is to provide top-tier, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. We apply our environmentally friendly steam cleaning techniques to preserve the integrity of the stone while removing years of weathering and pollution.

Our expertise isn’t only in the technical aspects of cleaning but in understanding the local architecture and challenges brought by the West Country weather. This ensures your property receives the care and attention it deserves.

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CCS Commercial Cleaning has over ten years experience of stone cleaning. Our world-class standards mean we can guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your stone clean.

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