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Seven crucial questions you must ask your cleaning company before you hire them to do any work

Don’t risk low-quality cleaning, bad service, and frustration. Discover the simple questions that guarantee the firm you hire will deliver the quality of work you need

If you’ve been disappointed with the quality of the work done by your cleaning company, then here’s an important message you need to hear before you hire another company to take on the job.

As you know, cleanliness is crucial in business. This is especially the case if your premises are open to the public.

Anyone who runs a shop, a restaurant, or a hotel knows that substandard cleaning can turn away a potential customer faster than anything.

In short, grubby windows, floors and carpets lead to a loss of business, and in a competitive world that’s the last thing you want.

Crucial for your business

Even if your business isn’t one where customers visit the premises, you still need to make sure your cleaning company produces high-quality work. You need to make sure they can carry out the cleaning efficiently and safely so that it doesn’t interfere with the running of your business.

The problem is finding a cleaning company that is trustworthy.

After all, there are plenty of cleaning companies out there. And all of them will promise to do a great job.

But how can you sort out the good from the bad?

Questions to ask

Well, the simple reason most businesses end up with an unsatisfactory cleaning company is because they don’t ask questions before they hire them.

If they do ask a question it’s usually: “How much does it cost?”

As I'm sure you can appreciate, that’s like hiring a worker without giving them an interview. It’s like asking them over the phone how low a rate of pay they’ll work for and not asking them anything about their experience or how they would handle the job.

You wouldn’t hire someone to work for your company without a proper interview, so it doesn’t make sense to hire a cleaning company without finding out about their standard of work.

So the solution is making sure you ask the right questions.

If you don’t know those, it can be easy for a company to appear professional but end up providing terrible service and bad quality work.

Save time and trouble

We know this because many of the businesses which end up hiring CCS Commercial Cleaning often say: “If only I’d known that before now, it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble.”

And that’s why, after hearing that so many times, we decided to make a list of the essential questions you need to ask — and why.

We’ve put them in a short easy-to-read report called Seven Crucial Questions You Must Ask Your Cleaning Company before You Hire Them.

In the report you’ll discover:

  • Why choosing the wrong cleaning company can cost you money, even before they do a scrap of cleaning. So many businesses fail to see this, and pay dearly because of it.
  • How a bad cleaning company can affect all parts of your business and cause a lot of disruption.
  • The two different types of cleaning companies, and why it’s essential that you choose the right one.
  • Something you must find out about the cleaning company before you hire them, or face the prospect of low-quality work.
  • Why your business could be put at risk (in ways you never imagined) if your cleaning company doesn’t have these crucial procedures in place
  • The reason that Health and Safety legislation is so important and why a cleaning company which doesn’t follow the rules could create a lot of trouble for your business
  • A simple question which will tell you immediately whether a company is trustworthy and will carry out cleaning to the highest possible standard.

And most of all you’ll never have to worry about hiring a second-rate cleaning company again and being disappointed by inferior work. Get the right answers to these questions and you’re almost guaranteed to get a cleaning company that knows how to do the job right, and is trustworthy and dependable.

Remember, hiring a second-rate firm can cost you dearly when you find they don’t do quality work and then have to go looking again. It’s a big waste of time — and as someone running a business, you know how precious time is.

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