Our service areas in Plymouth centre and throughout Devon

Operating from the heart of Plymouth, we have developed an unparalleled understanding of the area’s specific external cleaning demands. Our Plymouth base positions us perfectly to deliver exceptional cleaning services across Devon, touching on notable locations and landmarks with our expertise.


Our roots in Plymouth give us firsthand insight into combating the aggressive coastal elements and urban pollutants specific to the area.

We specialize in steam cleaning to rejuvenate and protect buildings in this ancient town noted for landmarks such as the historic Royal William Yard and the iconic Plymouth Hoe. Whatever the type of building, we ensure they retain their unique blend of heritage and contemporary beauty. Take a look at the exterior cleaning services we offer in Plymouth on our dedicated page.


Dartmouth, with its rich maritime legacy and breathtaking scenery like Dartmouth Castle and the picturesque River Dart, requires a nuanced cleaning solution. We utilize environmentally responsible techniques to preserve the integrity of both its age-old structures and newer developments, keeping the town’s picturesque appeal intact.


The city’s historical gems, such as Exeter Cathedral and the Roman City Walls, along with its modern architectural feats, face unique challenges from the local climate. Our tailored cleaning services combat moisture and other weather-induced issues, ensuring these emblematic buildings and residential areas remain pristine and well-maintained.


Situated where the River Exe meets the sea, Exmouth’s properties, including those along the beautiful Exmouth Beach and Marina, are prone to salt and sea spray damage. Our steam cleaning techniques are perfectly matched for gently eradicating these residues, boosting the town’s vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.


The bustling beaches and vibrant tourism scene in Paignton, including the popular Paignton Pier and Zoo, mean buildings often accumulate a mix of urban pollutants and sea spray. Our precise cleaning methods ensure these key attractions and residential areas are kept looking welcoming and well-cared-for.


A town containing historical industrial sites like the iconic Royal Albert Bridge, is close to the River Tamar and presents unique cleaning challenges. Our steam cleaning services not only cleanse but also protect the buildings from the damp and industrial residues, preserving Saltash’s rich heritage.


A town with areas like Teignmouth Back Beach and the Victorian Grand Pier, the area suffers from the dual exposure to coastal and river-based elements. This calls for a specialized approach to tackle algae and salt buildup. Our eco-friendly cleaning practices ensure the town’s scenic beauty and architectural integrity are maintained.


With the historic Torre Abbey and the bustling Torquay Harbour, the town is well known for its appeal as a tourist destination. Our cleaning services are designed to enhance the beauty of both its historical and modern buildings, contributing to the town’s charm and allure for visitors.


The eclectic blend of Totnes, with landmarks such as the Totnes Castle and the High Street filled with unique shops and cafes, makes it a popular visitor destination. The mix of properties demands a personalised and efficient cleaning approach. We address the particular needs of its diverse architecture, preserving the town’s historical significance and community-focused spirit.

In each of these distinct areas, our dedication to employing the highest standards of cleaning ensures that your property is not just visually appealing but also shielded against the specific environmental challenges of the region.

Depend on us to safeguard the beauty and integrity of your buildings, whether they are historic landmarks, commercial hubs, or residential spaces, throughout Devon and the surrounding areas.

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