Roof cleaning costs in Plymouth and Devon: a guide to prices and factors

Roof cleaning in Plymouth is an essential maintenance task that homeowners should consider to prolong the life of their roof and enhance their home’s curb appeal. It involves the removal of moss, algae, and lichen as well as accumulated dirt and debris that can cause damage if left untreated. In a climate like the Devon’s, where damp conditions are common, these unwanted growths can take hold quickly, making regular cleaning a wise choice for property upkeep.

Roof cleaning costs in Plymouth and Devon will vary depending on the level of service offered and whether eco-friendly roof cleaning techniques such as steam cleaning are available.

The cost of roof cleaning can vary significantly across different regions of the UK, with prices generally being higher in the south and particularly in London. Factors affecting the price include the size and pitch of the roof, the cleaning method used, and the level of service provided. Typically, professional services offer options like Softwashing—a gentle yet effective cleaning method appropriate for roofs that could be damaged by high-pressure washing. Many roof cleaning companies now also offer steam cleaning, which is an environmentally friendly method of cleaning roofs while being very effective.

When you come to check roof cleaning costs in Plymouth and Devon, bear these points in mid, as the cost of cleaning your roof will vary depending on the level of service provided.

Understanding Roof Cleaning Costs in Plymouth

Decoding the cost of roof cleaning in Plymouth involves identifying several factors, average prices in different areas, and additional expenses that homeowners may encounter.

Factors Affecting Devon Roof Cleaning Prices

Several elements influence the cost of roof cleaning:

  • Method of cleaning: Choices range from Softwashing, which is kinder to the roof structure, to more intense pressure washing, and steam cleaning.
  • Size and type of roof: The larger and more complex the roof, the higher the cleaning cost due to increased labour and materials.
  • Accessibility: Difficult-to-reach roofs can inflate costs because of the need for special equipment or safety measures.
  • Condition of the roof: Roofs heavily laden with moss or algae can require more intensive treatment, adding to the cost.

Average Cost of Cleaning a Roof in Various UK Locations

The average cost of cleaning a roof can vary markedly across the UK. Homeowners should expect these regional differences:

  • London: The capital tends to be the most expensive, with prices potentially reaching up to £1,000 or more.
  • Midlands and South: Rates in these regions generally sit between £550 and £750. This is a typical roof cleaning cost in Plymouth, but there can be wide variations based on the factors outlined below.
  • North: Less costly than the South, homeowners might pay around £450 to £550

You need to bear in mind that the main factor regarding roof cleaning cost is the size of the roof. The cost to clean a small terraced house in Plymouth or Devon might be £500, while the price to clean the roof on a large detached property in the same area could be £1,500 or more. As always, a reliable Plymouth roof cleaning company will supply an accurate estimate before the work begins.

Additional Costs to Consider

When budgeting for roof cleaning, homeowners might encounter additional costs:

  • Repairs: If damage is discovered during cleaning, repair work will add to the overall cost.
  • Treatment: Post-cleaning treatments to prevent moss and algae can also contribute to the final bill. This can include the application of a biocide.
  • Waste removal: Disposing of debris after cleaning might incur additional fees.

Methods of Roof Cleaning

When considering the cleaning of a roof, various methods can be employed, each with unique implications and suitability depending on the roof type and condition. The type of cleaning will also affect the cost of the roof cleaning project.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a common method that involves directing a high-powered stream of water onto the roof to remove accumulated dirt, algae, and moss. However, pressure washing can risk dislodging tiles or damaging the roof if not conducted properly. This tends to be the cheapest method of roof cleaning, and is often used by firms with little knowledge of roof cleaning and maintenance.

CCS Commercial Cleaning does not use pressure washing on most roofs due to the possibility of damage.


Softwashing is a gentler alternative to pressure washing, combining lower water pressure with specialised cleaning solutions to remove buildup without risking damage to the roofing materials. This method is particularly suitable for roofs that may be damaged by high-pressure methods.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning involves using high-temperature steam to clean the roof. It’s effective for killing and removing moss and can be a safe alternative for certain types of roofs where harsher cleaning methods might cause damage. Steam cleaning is also an eco-friendly roof cleaning technique, which might be a large factor for some property owners

Steam cleaning tends to be the most expensive of the roof cleaning methods, but gives excellent results.

CCS Commercial Cleaning uses steam cleaning for most roof cleaning jobs, since it is effective and safe for the environment. It can deal with the moss growth on Plymouth roofs caused by the damp climate.

Chemical Treatments and Biocide Use

After the roof cleaning, chemical treatments can be effective to maintain the roof. These include using biocides that are designed to stop the regrowth of organic growths like moss and algae. This will add to the cost, but can be cheaper in the long run since it cuts the need to have the roof cleaned again in a year or so.

Other roof cleaning costs to factor in

When engaging in roof cleaning, one needs to consider not just the process itself, but also safety and accessibility. These factors are critical for ensuring that the cleaning is performed correctly and safely, and will affect the overall cost.

Assessing Difficult Access and Safety Equipment

Some roof cleaning jobs require specialised safety equipment. This can include harnesses, roof ladders, and other fall arrest systems to prevent accidents. Property owners should note that difficult access to certain roof areas may increase the overall cost due to the additional time and equipment required to ensure safety.

The Importance of Scaffolding and Ladders

Sometimes scaffolding may be required for secure roof access. Scaffolding provides a stable platform for cleaners to work from, which is particularly important for higher or more complex roof structures. However, the installation and hire of scaffolding can significantly add to the cost, as they are priced based on size and the duration of the clean.

Insurance and Risk Assessments

Before any roof cleaning job, a thorough risk assessment should be conducted to identify potential hazards. This step is crucial not only for safety planning but also affects insurance coverage. Cleaners must have adequate commercial liability insurance to cover any accidental damages or injuries, and this coverage can influence the service charges. Furthermore, properties that present higher risks may see increased costs due to the need for more comprehensive insurance and safety measures.

Choosing a Plymouth Roof Cleaning Service

When considering Plymouth roof cleaning services, homeowners should focus on obtaining detailed quotes, steering clear of unscrupulous traders, and assessing the reputability and dependability of the contractors.

Getting and Comparing Roof Cleaning Quotes

One should seek quotations from multiple contractors to ensure they receive a competitive rate. These quotes should itemise the costs, detailing the equipment to be used and the timeframe for completion. For clarity, here is a simple way to compare the received quotes:

  • Contractor A:
    • Price: £X per square metre
    • Services Included: [Service 1, Service 2]
    • Equipment Used: [Equipment List]
    • Timeframe: X days
  • Contractor B:
    • Price: £Y per square metre
    • Services Included: [Service 1, Service 2]
    • Equipment Used: [Equipment List]
    • Timeframe: Y days
  • Contractor C:
    • Price: £Z per square metre
    • Services Included: [Service 1, Service 2]
    • Equipment Used: [Equipment List]
    • Timeframe: Z days

Avoiding Rogue Traders

Avoid rogue traders by checking if the tradespeople or larger companies are members of recognised trade associations. Ensure they have proper insurance and look for accreditations. Verifying this information can protect you from potential scams and subpar work. Make sure that you deal with Plymouth-based roof cleaning companies, to ensure they know the local area and have the knowledge to do the cleaning to a high standard.

Evaluating the Reputation and Reliability of Contractors

A roof cleaning contractor’s reputation can be gauged by reading online reviews and asking for references. It’s crucial to consider contractors who have a history of reliability and high-quality service. Local forums or social media groups can be helpful resources for feedback on tradespeople or larger companies.

One of the best places to check the reputation of a company is the firm’s Google Business Page. take a look at the reviews and the Google star rating to see how they have performed roof cleaning in the past.

The Google Business Page of CCS Commercial Cleaning can be accessed by clicking HERE. We have many five star reviews for the roof cleaning work we have carried out in Plymouth and the South West of the UK.

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